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About Us
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Neuweg Machinery Manufacturing (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. is a joint venture company which was founded by Neuweg Industry Group(Hong Kong)Co., LTD & Jiangyin Changjiang Printing & dyeing machinery Co., LTD. It is a professional manufacturer of woven & knit fabrics finishing machinery. The products are mainly focusing on dozens of continuous open width pre-treatment, dyeing and final finishing machineries which are based on current international advanced technology especially on the energy conservation as well as environment protection. It is a national new high-tech enterprise & member of the “new fabric pre-treatment equipment and technology R&D center of China Textile Engineering Society”; "new generation of textile equipment industry innovation alliance of national ministry of science and technology" & "key technology and equipment of high-quality, water-saving continuous digital control pre-treatment and dyeing process".

Its products are widely participated overall national market as well as overseas market such as Indonesia,Vietnam,Myanmar & Africa countries.

The company has been certified by ISO9001:2000 and CE.

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